Tweets from Her Third Year #5 

05-26-2011 Me: “Baby, why are your hands wet?” The Baby: “I was pretending to play in da dog’s watah bowl.” Me: “Pretend to not touch me.”

05-27-2011 The Baby is *always* to blame! Always. RT: @BeccaBuerkle My call failed while talking to @SavannahB. I blame #DestructoTot.

05-28-2011 There is no end to the list of weird stuff #DestructoTot destructs. Spaghetti on the walls, crushed ice cream cones, pulled-out VHS tape…

05-30-2011 ”We don’t like to put glue on our cheeks and nosey nose-ies,” said The Baby as she rubbed a glue stick on her cheeks and nosey nosey.